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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend Van Buren First Assembly to enroll my child?

No. You do not need to attend the church to enroll. We do offer a $40 a week discount to regular attendees.

If I work at Kidspace do I get a discount?

Yes. Employees will receive a $40 per child per week discount.

If I enroll multiple kids do I get a discount?

If enrolling 3 or more children you will receive a $40 per family per week discount.

Can I enroll a foster child?

Yes, but we will not be set up with the state to receive voucher payments at this time. All children will be private pay.

How do I make payments?

You will receive an invoice and be able to pay online.

Do I need to bring anything (diapers, towels, etc.) for my child everyday?

You will need to supply necessary items for infants. Diapers, wipes, extra clothing, bottles, and food. For toddler and preschool children please provide extra clothing, diapers or pull ups, and a sippy cup. For nap time we ask you provide a blanket.

What happens if my child gets in trouble or gets hurt?

You will receive an incident/accident report at the end of the day. If it is serious, you will be notified immediately.

How can I apply for a job at KidSpace?

Call or email the center to request an application.

How often do I have to pay?

You are required to pay on Friday for the following week. You also have the option of paying monthly.

Who will my child be with throughout the day?

Each classroom will have qualified and trained professional staff. Loving caregivers will educate and care for the children throughout the day.

What will my child be doing throughout the day?

Schedules will consist of story time, center time, learning activities, free play, outside gross motor, and nap time. Students will also participate in weekly chapel and music classes.

Is KidSpace open on holidays?

No we will be closed all major holidays.

Is KidSpace open during the summer?


What will my child eat throughout the day?

A morning and afternoon snack will be provided. Lunch will be brought from home and should meet the USDA food guidelines.

What’s the disciplinary process like?

We use positive reinforcement and redirection.

Does KidSpace meet state/federal requirements?

Yes KidSpace is licensed through the state and maintains minimum licensing regulations.

Is part time accepted?

You may enroll a child part time, but full time payment is required.

Is KidSpace open on weekends?


Where is KidSpace?

It is located inside Van Buren First Assembly.

Has the staff been trained?

All staff are thoroughly trained and participate in state required trainings. Each staff receive a minimum of 15 training hours per year.

Are staff CPR and First Aid certified?


What is the curriculum that is being taught?

Adventures in Learning.

What are my requirements as a parent?

Be on time, communicate needs, and provide necessary paperwork.

What is the drop-off and pick up process like?

Children will need to be signed in and out from the front desk.

What if I can’t make my payment?

Speak with the director to discuss scholarships and options available.

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